Generate Take-Offs in Half the Time

If you’re in the building materials industry, you know how tedious and time-consuming take offs and estimates can be—and that’s assuming no additional changes are made.


Though lumber dealers and their clients use many tools in estimating, Cincinnati-based McCabe Lumber has found SAPPHIRE Supply to be a particularly powerful estimating tool to produce fast, accurate, and verifiable BOMs.  Following McCabe’s recent adoption of Supply, the results are clear: with SAPPHIRE estimating software, they can now generate take-offs in 50% of the time, freeing the sales team to pursue other leads and help customers with other needs. That’s while maintaining accuracy in modeling.


The technology behind Supply plugs into the SAPPHIRE Suite, which powers some of the most precise 3D BIM structural framing in the industry. Supply users can define their own accumulation rules, which further boost the accuracy of estimates. Supply also estimates for non-structural materials like drywall, roofing, and housewrap.

 “Now our sales team is not spending hours on estimates; instead, they are selling more jobs,” said Dave Renchen of McCabe Lumber.  The benefits of accuracy apply to more than just estimating, he adds. “[W]e see a clear path to reducing the error and waste rate from as much as 8% down to 2%.”

With Supply, McCabe can offer customers an installation guide with their list of materials, including the 3D model of the home as well as the collaborative power of SAPPHIRE Viewer, a tool that allows lumberyards, builders, and their clients to make changes on the go to a single BIM model, reducing communication errors.


It will be exciting to watch the power of Supply’s fast and accurate estimating continue to transform McCabe Lumber, whose customers include professional remodelers and high-end custom home builders. With a staff of 120 , about 700 customers, and $40 million in annual revenue, McCabe has a history of excellence that will only continue as they embrace the power of the latest software and technology to serve their customers.