HBS Technical Support: August 2020

Kim Slusser, director of technical support

Current Versions of MiTek HBS Software

Wrightsoft 19.9.20 was made available on June 1, 2020

WMS 5.8.3 was made available on May 13, 2020

Sales Simplicity 20.0 has been deployed to all hosted customers

Kova 2019.01.0770 and 2018.02.1287

Introducing the HBS Technical Support Managers

Cynthia Choice – HBS BuilderMT & Sales Simplicity Technical Support Manager

Cynthia Choice was promoted to Technical Support Manager for the BuilderMT & Sales Simplicity Technical Support teams in July. Cynthia has been with MiTek for six and a half years and loves solving problems with our partners and helping them get the best support possible. She has 18 years of experience in software support and enjoys the continuous learning necessary to keep up in this ever-changing industry. She loves living life in a small rural college town in south central Colorado after living in the city for most of her life. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys live music, geocaching, and her pets.

David Sharpe – HBS Kova Technical Support Manager

David Sharpe was promoted to Technical Support Manager for the Kova Technical Support team in June. David has been with Kova for five and a half years. Prior to that he managed the digital communication team for Pictureframes.com (Graphik Dimensions LLC), and before that he was in the United States Navy for 6 years as an electrical engineer. David has a four-year-old daughter named Olivia and is happily married to his wife Shenika. They reside in High Point, North Carolina, which was where David grew up for the most part and came back to after his military service. Along with their dog, Einstein Gunther Sharpe Esquire (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), David and his family enjoy putt-putt, family outings to the park or even walking the mall on a Saturday (although with the whole COVID-19 thing he said they haven’t done those things for a while!). David is really excited about his new promotion and looks forward to growing and learning with all of you in the coming years!

Did you know?

MiTek Kova

Closing Date – Grid & Filter: The Closing Date was added to the Sales Order grid, as well as the Closing Date filter.

MiTek Sales Simplicity

Follow Up Admin: Using the Follow Up Admin screen, you can create campaigns that will automatically generate tasks for users to complete based on various criteria. The tasks will populate for users in Follow Up > To-Do Suite.

Note: This tab may be labeled differently in your environment

A completed follow up campaign will appear as a series of tasks on a timeline. This will help keep tasks organized and easily manageable.

The icons within the timeline represent the different tasks that will be completed during this marketing campaign.

MiTek BuilderMT

Purchase Order Inquiry: In the BuilderMT WMS application, the Purchase Order inquiry screen now allows a user to filter by closed jobs via an “Exclude Closed Jobs” checkbox. This works for both Supplier and Job selections in the Display Purchase Order By section.

From the Purchasing Menu, select Purchase Order Inquiry

MiTek Wrightsoft

How do I change the AutoCAD object scale?

There are three scales that can be used. Open the ‘Property Sheet’ dialog box by right clicking on the AutoCAD layer. You will see the field ‘AutoCAD scale’.

  1. ‘Current scale’ is the default. With ‘Current Scale’, the AutoCAD drawing scale will correspond to the Right-Draw current scale. Only the part of the drawing within the boundaries of the object box is displayed.
  2. The ‘Rectangle to fit’ AutoCAD drawing scale will correspond to the Right-Draw current scale and the size of the object box will change to fit the entire AutoCAD drawing. In other words, the object box will automatically change size to display the entire AutoCAD drawing.
  3. With ‘Scale to fit’ the entire AutoCAD drawing will fit into the object box, but the AutoCAD drawing scale will not correspond to the Right-Draw current scale. With this scale, Right-Draw sizes the AutoCAD drawing to fit into the object box. The AutoCAD drawing will shrink or grow to fit the object box, but the scale of the AutoCAD drawing will not correspond to the Right-Draw scale.

What does HBS Support need to know when you need assistance?

When entering a ticket or calling the HBS Technical Support line there are several pieces of information you can provide that can help us address the question or issue more efficiently. 

It is not required to have this information to contact us, of course.

  • Software version  
  • What happened  
  • Where: Module of software, the URL of the page  
  • Date and time when it occurred  
  • Number of users affected  
  • What were you doing leading up to the error  
  • Priority of this error or issue  
  • Impact of the issue or error on the business  
  • How often the error or issue happened  
  • Any steps to reproduce the error or issue  
  • Related record(s): Customer, Lot, Sales Order, Job, Activity, Service Order  
  • If there is a popup, add the URL of the main page and take a screenshot of both pages  
  • Screenshots (with the address bar when applicable)  
  • Expected outcome  
  • Actual outcome