MiTek Director of Project Services Appointed to AIBD Board

Ben Tabolt, Director of Project Services, MiTek

MiTek is proud to announce that Director of Project Services, Ben Tabolt, was recently named Internal Vice President on the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) Board.

In this role, Ben supports the national president and coordinates the organization’s vision with the board and executive director. He also chairs the conference committee and assists the chapter success program. Perhaps most exciting, he’ll support the BIM-R training program.

“I became an AIBD member in 2016, and was quickly asked to speak during educational sessions about new design technologies,” said Tabolt. “Many members were unfamiliar with the opportunities these technologies presented.”

To overcome this gap, Tabolt helped to create the AIBD BIM-R Certification program and chaired that effort his previous role. As Internal VP, hopes to take that work further by growing AIBD membership, improving education opportunities and helping the organization embrace technology.

Before joining MiTek, Tabolt owned a business specializing in BIM production, training, customization and visualization work. He recognizes the value of enabling architects and designers with the right technology to bring new opportunities and capabilities to residential construction. In fact, many of his cohorts in AIBD became clients, and continue to work with Tabolt and his team at MiTek today.

“AIBD was instrumental in the support, marketing and development of the company I owned prior to joining the MiTek team,” said Tabolt. “I am honored to have to opportunity to step into this role to do all that I can to further the AIBD, and represent MiTek well as I do so.”

MiTek is proud to support AIBD as a corporate sponsor.