HBS Technical Support News: July 2020

Kim Slusser, director of technical support

Current Versions of MiTek HBS Software

Wrightsoft 19.9.20 was made available on June 1, 2020.

WMS 5.8.3 was made available on May 13, 2020.

Sales Simplicity 20.0 has been deployed to all hosted customers.

Kova 2019.01.0722 and 2018.02.1281.

Getting to know your HBS Support Technicians and Reporting Specialists

Donald Damon – HBS Wrightsoft Technical Support team

Hi my name is Donald Damon, I was born is Boston I now live about 40 minutes north of Boston.  My wonderful wife of 26 Years this month and I have a Son 25 years old and a Daughter 18 years old that just graduated HS is past spring. I been providing Customer Support for MiTek Wrightsoft’s customers on using and setting up our HVAC software since 2011. I just celebrated 9 years of service on July 5th.  I love the challenges in troubleshooting complex problems with Wrightsoft Customers and satisfaction that comes in helping them further their business needs in finding a solution to a need or educating them on the design process with our software. When I’m not actively helping Wrightsoft Customers I love to  participate as a Town Meeting Member and I’m also an appointed member of my towns Finance Committee were I go over the town budget and upcoming warrant articles and report our finding to the Town Meeting representatives for the Spring and Fall Town meetings.  I also like to work on my own cars and around the house. When I’m not busy supporting my local town activities, I love going to my local Pro Sports Teams. I love Hiking some of local trails and Kayaking on the local rivers.

James Kempf – HBS Sales Simplicity Technical Support team

I was not born in Georgia, but I got down here as soon as I could, at the age of 1.  When I am not working, I am either out in the garden, cooking dinner, playing Minecraft or failing at making sausages (I will get it right eventually).  Prior to my last decade working in support, I worked in QA, Risk and Compliance and sold comic books but thus far, support is my favorite as it gives me a new puzzle to solve every day and I truly enjoy my relationships with our clients.

Jon Jacobson – HBS BMT Technical Support team

Jon is a University of Oregon graduate (Go Ducks!) who grew up in Portland, Oregon. He moved to Denver in 2017. Jon is a sports fanatic who plays soccer, basketball and golf. He spends most evenings taking his Australian Shepherd on walks to the dog park.

Donovan Tucker – HBS Kova Technical Support team

My name is Donovan Tucker. I’ve worked at Mitek since August of 2019. I currently live in Colorado, but I’ve also lived in California, Illinois, and originally lived in Wisconsin.  I enjoy strategy and card games, anything where you use your brain, which is why I enjoy working KOVA Support so much, every day is different and there are always new complex problems to solve. I hope to continue working to learn more about KOVA/Mitek and learn how to better help all our amazing customers.

Maria Poepsel – HBS Reporting Specialist

My name is Maria Poepsel. I have two little boys. Our family loves everything active – dancing, snowboarding, bicycling, hiking, travelling, swimming.  When I have time, I play piano and, sometimes, participate in a choir. The most fun was singing with an orchestra.  I’ve been with MiTek for 3,5 years. My favorite part is resolving challenging reporting requests for our customers. It feels great to be able to create something that helps others in their work every day.

Did you know……

MiTek Kova

Re-Open Cancelled VPOs – Often when a vendor has not completed their VPO’s in a timely manner, the VPO may be cancelled. Previously the VPO could not be re-opened or in-cancelled; a new VPO with the same details needed to created. Now, Kova users can re-open cancelled VPOs.

The role – JobVPO.Action.UnCancel – is available to permit re-opening of cancelled VPOs.  With this role enabled, a Re-Open button appears in the VPO Details Status section for VPOs with Status of “Cancelled”.

Upon selecting Re-Open, the system confirms re-opening of the VPO. Select OK to Re-Open.  When re-opening, the Status goes from Cancelled to New.  This action writes to VPO history table with change of statuses.

This enhancement (21247) is first implemented in Kova build 2019.1.604.

MiTek Sales Simplicity

Password security for Sales Simplicity has increased. Upon your first login after the 20.0 release, you will be prompted to change your password if you do not meet the new password requirements. Passwords now require the following:

  1. Minimum password length 8 digits
  2. Must contain both letters and numbers
  3. Must contain both uppercase and lowercase characters
  4. Optional use of a selection of special characters (!”#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~)
  5. Case Sensitivity is now always enforced

The Forgot Password process has also been updated to require username AND email prior to submitting a “forgot password” request for security purposes.

MiTek BuilderMT

In the BuilderMT WMS application the Task Manager bar allows the user to quickly access all currently opened WMS applications with a single click?

The Task Manager bar also allows the user quick access to other frequently used information.   

To display the Task Manager Bar in Workflow Management Suite:

  1. From the View menu, select Task Manager Bar.
  2. The task bar displays on the left side of the screen, listing each active application
  3. To minimize the Task Manager bar, click the Hide icon in the upper left corner of the Task Manager bar. The Task Manager bar displays as a vertical toolbar when it is hidden.

MiTek Wrightsoft

Project Information Screen What information should I store in a template?

You can store any kind of Right-Suite Universal project information in a template.  Some information you could include:

Project-Wide Information

  1. Project Information Screen
    • Contractor name, address, phone, etc
    • Weather data
    • Common fuel cost data
    • Financing and cost data
  2. Zone Information

In Right-Draw

  1. Default Construction Numbers
  2. Duct system type

Load Calculations

  1. Infiltration calculation method
  2. Window types
  3. Ceiling height
  4. Duct loss/gain

…and more!

What does HBS Technical Support need to know when you need assistance?

When entering a ticket or calling the HBS Technical Support line there are several pieces of information you can provide that can help us address the question or issue more efficiently. 

It is not required to have this information to contact us, of course.

  • Software version  
  • What happened  
  • Where: Module of software, the URL of the page  
  • Date and time when it occurred  
  • Number of users affected  
  • What were you doing leading up to the error  
  • Priority of this error or issue  
  • Impact of the issue or error on the business  
  • How often the error or issue happened  
  • Any steps to reproduce the error or issue  
  • Related record(s): Customer, Lot, Sales Order, Job, Activity, Service Order  
  • If there is a popup, add the URL of the main page and take a screenshot of both pages  
  • Screenshots (with the address bar when applicable)  
  • Expected outcome  
  • Actual outcome