Transform Roof Truss Component Manufacturing

MatchPoint DirectDrive

In response to the need for ever-greater productivity and output, MiTek recently introduced a new, highly-efficient material handling system. With MatchPoint DirectDrive™, component manufacturers can now process 800-900 board feet per hour per build station.


As the industry continues to be constrained by a shortage of skilled labor, minimizing labor is almost required in a better component manufacturing process. MatchPoint DirectDrive™ not only reduces labor needs, it also reduces training time for new hires. And it adds no additional square footage to the operation.

MatchPoint DirectDrive


How It Works

The whole system is composed of the: Ranger RS, MatchPoint BLADE Saw, Conveyors, and the Wizard PDS® as well as the MiTek Virtual Plant (MVP) software. Together, the system offers sorting, optimizing, and printing capabilities.


With all these parts working to shave time off processing speed, component manufacturers will experience improved material flow and lumber handling patterns. In fact, it almost entirely eliminates truss manufacturing “setup time,” a major factor that can limit truss production output.


One of the key aspects of the system that increases efficiency is the BLADE linear saw, which improves cut member accuracy, minimizes re-cuts, and optimizes lumber. The Wizard gantry also gains efficiency under the new system. Another star player, MVP also works to coordinate the truss manufacturing process for all WIPs.


MatchPoint DirectDrive™ is poised to set a new standard in roof truss component manufacturing, and we can’t wait to watch roof truss manufacturers enjoy better efficiency in their processes.