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Tips from Your Truss and Wall Panel Component Manufacturer

New technology, including BIM and CAD software, makes integrating components into your building process easier than ever. But you may not know that your truss manufacturer – your collaborative partner in every project –  has some great tips to pass along.


First: Why not involve the component manufacturer (CM) early in the design process, even when you are designing your base models and before a sale? Sending your CM the CAD or BIM plans early can save you time and money when you need to accommodate changes down the road, especially if offering options is a regular part of your design and sales process.


In fact, collaborating early gives you more room for structural framing options. Plus, it’s also easier to meet code and create structural options adapted to your region’s seismic and wind patterns…if the CM has a look at the drawings.


Just send your CM your baseline plan, and they will input them into their truss design and layout software to come up with a virtual CAD or BIM that you can use to collaborate and make changes through the rest of the project. This is very often done as a regular part of their truss package.


Even if offering homebuyers design options wasn’t a part of your package before the downtown, there’s a good chance it is now. If not, the business is there for the taking.  By getting your CM involved in the process early, you can make sure you can respond to the demands for customization in a cost-efficient way…and add margins and profits to your bottom line in the process.

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