The Benefits of Precision Engineering in Shear Panels, and What to Look For When Purchasing

Precision engineering in shear panels and lateral load solutions is highly beneficial, with many standard sizes rapidly available and a quick turnaround of custom sizes making these very economical solutions within the industry.

MiTek’s Hardy Frame® HFX Shear Panels can be installed directly after unloading, with no trimming needed. They are precisely engineered to match your exact specifications, with a C-shape panel design that allows for easy installation, trade access, insulation and multiple configurations. These panels even have higher load values with smaller widths – some being as thin as 9 inches.


  • Electrical Access
    3/4 inch holes with grommets for running electrical wiring are provided at upper and lower area of Panels.

  • Multiple Applications
    Hardy Frame Shear Wall Systems have multiple applications. Panels can be installed on concrete, on wood floor systems or stacked floor to floor by combining the Panel with the appropriate Hardy Frame accessory. This universal approach prevents the risk of ordering the wrong Panel based on its intended installation.

  • Strength, Stiffness and Ductility
    The Hardy Frame® Shear Wall Systems’ proprietary design meets the ICC Evaluation Service “Acceptance Criteria” (AC322) for pre-fabricated shear walls with the strength to resist lateral loads, stiffness to reduce damage to the structure and ductility to dissipate the energy of an earthquake.

  • Reserve Capacity
    Steel “stiffeners” at the Panel edges provide a reserve capacity to hold up vertical loads after a seismic or high wind event.

  • Width
    The 9 inch wide Hardy Frame is the narrowest pre-fabricated shear Panel in the industry. Panel widths include 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24-inches. For architectural designs that maximize openings choose Hardy Frame Panels to resist earthquake and wind forces with the highest allowable loads in the industry.

  • Custom Heights
    For non-standard wall heights choose a shear wall system that offers custom height manufacturing.

  • Panel Shape
    Look for the steel Shear Panel that is a C-shape. The cavity of the C-shape can be used to recess fixtures like porch lights and sockets, install wood backing and can be insulated. Hardy Frame Panels are the only C-shape shear wall system in the industry.

  • Installation Instructions
    Labels provide illustrated instructions for top and bottom connections that won’t get lost or separated from the Panel.

  • Economical Options
    Shear walls that require high-strength anchors regardless of the design load drive up material cost. Hardy Frame Panels provide allowable loads for both standard and high strength anchors.

Measure Twice. Install Once. Learn more about MiTek’s Hardy Frame HFX Shear Panels: