Takeaways from the 2018 International Builders’ Show

After three days of walking around the 583,000 square feet of IBS, checking out as many of the 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers as you could, gushing over the Kohler exhibit and sneaking cookies from the Sherwin-Williams booth you are probably exhausted. We are too. But we are also pretty pumped about all the new technology showcased and the overall energy of show attendees!


We asked MiTek thought leaders what takeaways they have from IBS this year. Here are some big things they noticed.


Builders are feeling optimistic.


With the economy improving, more people are buying homes and that means more people are building homes. Builders are ready to explore new options for their operations that will harness this economic boom and help grow their business.


There is a significant skilled labor shortage.


It comes up again and again as we chat with builders, and this shortage was on the minds of builders at IBS — especially as business is starting to rise.


Technological solutions are the future.


All over IBS we saw automation, software and a precision crafted approach. Builders seem more open than ever to find innovative solutions to their problems.


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