The Data-Driven Jobsite

Pillar Technologies Harnesses the Internet of Things for Smarter, Safer Jobsites


Construction is an inherently risky business. Even if you account for the (unfortunately not too unrealistic) possibility of jobsite theft, you still have to contend with the elements. Flooding, fires, and mold can endanger your project—and cut into your profits—as well.


Enter Pillar Technologies, the company behind a new line of smart sensors for construction sites.


Pillar Technologies’ sensors are designed to be mounted every 2000 square feet. These battery-powered, internet-connected devices monitor jobsite conditions. The system collects and analyzes data for environmental conditions like humidity, temperatures, air pressure, chemical pollution, and noise vibration. If there is cause for concern, smart sensors automatically alert site managers.


Photo Courtesy of Tech Crunch


For contractors, site managers, and owners, the monitoring and early intervention offered by this system has the power to save millions of dollars in repairs, claims, court fees, and compensation. Who wouldn’t want to be told before humidity becomes water damage? Pillar technology can also help builders adhere to safety laws and best practices. Sensors track the amount of dust workers are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. This will eliminate false claims and also help builders ensure a safer jobsite.


Pillar recently was recognized with a $425,000 grant and won the Forbes Under 30 Change the World competition.


It’s a nod to the potentially ground-breaking power of Pillar Technologies’ sensor technology. Their website acknowledges their desire to be a “pioneer for change.” They are one of many firms transforming the industry through the skillful use of data through the Internet of Things. If their innovation makes the whole construction world a little safer and more profitable—well, that’s a win for everyone.