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465 Shear Walls. $30,000 in Savings

LBM Hardy Frame Shearwalls

LBM Hardy Frame Shearwalls

The Power of Collaboration Gets the Job Done for Encanto at Dos Lagos

This new community in Corona, California offers buyers the full package: news homes in a great location with the lifestyle to match.

Building it was another story, one with a few bumps in the road. A 1,200-unit luxury development is not the type of project you would expect to save money on.  But with the use of MiTek Products, state-of-the-art software, and careful collaboration between the CM, builder, and framers involved in the project, savings topped over $30,000 and the project came together with speed and precision.

Most of the savings came from the adoption of Hardy Shear Walls. The project required 465 shear walls. Initially the team chose another brand—however analysis revealed adopting the shear walls would reduce costs by requiring a less expensive bolt, while still meeting code requirements on top of it.

Even after a high-stakes last-minute switch, said Huan Nguyen of the Gouvis Group, “[W]e were convinced it was worth the effort, even though it was no minor task to do the re-engineering and the swap outs.” The story of how HardyFrame came to be a part of the project illustrates not only the speed, but also their high degree of cooperation, of the team as a whole.

As Scott Blythe of Shaw Structures said, “[W]e also get such great service from Andy Perkins at Reliable Hardware and Supply, and the MiTek reps, we’d even pay more for their hardware.” One day on the jobsite the crew ran low on nails. Within hours a truck was there to meet their need and keep production rolling. Scott Bylthe adds, “even if cost were an issue, we’d stick with Reliable and MiTek. They do whatever it takes to keep my guys at top productivity.”

An emphasis on greater efficiency began before the crews get to the jobsite. Madera Truss used SAPPHIRE™ software to design and manage the manufacturing process for roof and floor trusses for the project. With 435 individual truss designs, there was a lot to keep track of, even putting aside the 10-phase delivery process.

“Encanto used a great many products from MiTek, including the 465 Hardy Shear Walls,” said Landon Boucher, regional sales manager for MiTek. “We do this on a regular basis, but with a high profile job like the Encanto project, it a real pleasure to work with all parties to make sure everything really came together.”

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