MiTek Specifier 2.3: Now Easier to Use

MiTek® Specifier™ has been upgraded for a more reliable, accurate and easy to use experience. Engineers and estimators get simplified access to information on thousands of structural connectors, producing fast, accurate and detailed quotes.

The software enhancements include:

Product Browser Enhancements

  • Product information such as product images and product catalog pages are now updated through the cloud providing users with a more reliable experience when browsing products. 
  • Product images and product catalog pages will now remain up to date without the need of a software update. 

Product Conversion Updates

  • The Product Conversion screen now supports a more robust analysis tool, which allows users to fine tune product substitutions through an intuitive user interface.  Products selected are now represented as tiles with detail snapshots, and expandable load charts resulting in a more refined experience. 
  • Printing Conversion reports can now be found in the ‘Export Comparisons’ drop down in the upper right hand corner. 

Improved Reporting 

  • New and improved report configuration options are now available offering an enhanced and more straightforward reporting layout. 
  • Individual product detail reports now accessible with a single click, directly from the Product Detail screen. 
  • New “Product List Report” now available next to reporting options. This new report allows users to see a more compact version of a project hardware list, reducing the number of pages per submittal. 
  • The new “Product Images Report” has replaced the “Connector Product Images Report” providing accurate images of the products used in your project in a more user-friendly layout. 

Improved Project File Support 

  • Official support of the new file extension “.spec” makes the process of opening and saving Specifier projects a lot smoother and quicker. 
  • Automatic file filtration in the open project screen unclutters your project directory to only display .spec files making it a lot easier to find your Specifier projects. 
  • Make it even easier to find your Specifier projects by utilizing the new Recent Projects tool in the File menu. This tool allows you to open a recent project with the click of a button. 

Download MiTek Specifier 2.3 today to design, spec and quote materials for steel connections in wood frame structures.