Introducing ProSeries Wood Screws


Easy to use in a variety of framing applications and equally easy to identify during inspections, MiTek ProSeries wood screws are an indispensable part of your jobsite.


What separates the ProSeries screws from the pack? ProSeries screws have the highest sheer values in the category—just take a look at the ICC-ES Report #2761. Reverse locking serration on the bottom of the screw head, and a self-drilling cut point that reduces torque during installation, both ensure a flush finish.


ProSeries wood screws come in bugle-style, washer-style, and hex-style heads. They also come in two finishes, one for exterior use and a yellow zinc finish designed for interior use. All screws have a low profile head style that can be driven flush or counter saw. This helps ensure less interference after installation.


Screws can be used for both deck ledger attachment and multiplied EWP connection. The hex head can be used in the place of more traditional lag screws.


Whether you love to know every detail about your products, you deserve more than a product that just “gets the job done.” Extra details in the engineering give you an edge before inspection time—so you can get back to taking care of business on the jobsite.