More Options, Same Commitment to Quality: Introducing the New FWHBP and FWHFM Firewall Hangers

Recently MiTek expanded its series of Fire Wall Hangers to include the new FWHBP, the Fire Wall Hanger for Beams and Purlins, and the FWHFM, the Fire Wall Hanger for Face Mount applications.

The FWHBP and FWHFM join the first code evaluated fire wall hanger series in the industry.

The new additions incorporate the same advanced level of engineering into their designs as previous Fire Wall Hangers. The FWHBP transfers the load into the supporting wall, bearing on the top plate and attaching to a stud pack or post.

The FWHFM fastens to the wide face of a balloon-framed SCL column. This eliminates the perpendicular-to-grain bearing stresses in top and bottom wall plates—as with platform framing.

Distinctive features in the original FWH, such as the ability to install hangers before drywall is attached, continue in the new Firewall Hangers.

The Fire Wall Hangar series installs with nails—eliminating the need of additional connectors to prevent rotation. Gypsum board is not required for load transfer. The FWH can be installed on shear walls as long as they have APA-rated sheathing, even if sheathing is not flush with the top of the wall, and can be skewed up to 45 degrees.

Thanks to their early install capability, your projects can be framed-up and weather-tight before drywall sheathing even arrives on the jobsite.