Smarten Up Your Jobsite: Three Reasons Why

With the Internet of Things transforming many industries– including construction– you may be wondering what this powerful new (and old) technology can do for you.


The construction management blog Capterra summarized the main benefits of making your jobsite a little smarter.


Lower Your Costs

This one is a no-brainer. Of course you’d love to spend less, and increase your profit margin. The Internet of Things shaves off your costs by attending to small details. Stop losing equipment by fitting them with RFID tags, or track your supplies and have a notification sent to you when you need to place another order.


Self-detecting sensors can send maintenance requests before the situation gets critical, saving you the expense of handling a complete breakdown.


You can also save energy and cash and install temperature and electricity monitors so you know when you need to turn off the lights.


Make Your Jobsite Safe

A 10% annual accident rate is too high. But that’s what most job sites are facing.


Remote-controlled machinery, operated via internet, reduces the risk of human-involved accidents. They can be operated in environmentally hazardous zones, at no cost to your crews.


Hands-free, or wearable gadgets reduce the risks that come when your workers need to pause and send texts or emails or read instructions. They can also do automatic time logging for you, reducing fraud. Some hands-free devices, such as Google Glass, also feature AR, or augmented reality, functions.


Improve Design

Over the past ten years, 3D BIM technology has all but replaced 2D architectural blueprints. This opens up a new world of possibilities for construction workers to use ultra-accurate computer-generated imagery to enhance their performance. Combined with AR, it is now possible to lay a BIM image on top of a construction site as you work.


Also, the benefits of “smart homes” are not just for the buyer. Sensors in a smart home can monitor the air pressure and temperature after construction is complete.



A smart machine represents an evolution—in safety, in maintenance, and management. Make the investment now, and you will reap the benefits in lower costs, fewer accidents, and better design down the line.