International Prefabrication: Brazilian Eco-Friendly Modular Family Residence Designed and Installed in Just 28 Days

While prefabrication has been a hot topic in the construction industry for quite some time, with KB Homes perhaps leading the effort in America, SysHaus is one of the first international modular family residence of its kind. It was designed and installed in a mere 28 days by São Paulo-based engineering and construction company SysHaus and Brazilian architecture firm Studio Arthur Casas. The home was prefabricated from 100 percent recyclable materials, and includes energy-saving elements like “rainwater catchment and reuse system, solar roof tiles, a green roof and even a biodigester to turn organic waste into gas for the fireplace and kitchen.”

Landscaping was also a priority, with low maintenance plants that require minimal water making up most of the exterior, and the interior incorporating large sliding doors to connect the indoors with the outdoors. “Nature and design integration are key to this Brazilian Startup SysHaus’ and Studio Arthur Casas’ project,” the team said in a press release. “Using modular system manufacturing, project needs and specifications made its parts in a very efficient and functional mode.” To view more pictures of the stunning SyHaus home, read the original article here.

The SyHaus is just another example of how prefabrication has been building momentum as process innovation becomes more and more vital to builders. Labor shortages require streamlined processes, and prefabrication can make that happen – while also saving resources, reducing waste and cutting costs.

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