INCREDI-BOND: Simple, Incredible Results.



Sometimes in life, all you need is a super strong glue. INCREDI-BOND® is stronger and more effective than mere “glue”— it’s a professional-grade, multipurpose high-strength bonding agent.



It’s simple to use and leaves undeniable results. INCREDI-BOND cures in three hours with a thirty-minute “window” to allow you time to work. A two-part application process yields a bond that reaches 1000 psi.



A Multipurpose, Practical Epoxy Bonding Agent



There are no limits to the utility of this practical product. It can bond to wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone, CMU block, ceramic, glass, and stucco.



INCREDI-BOND is designed to adjust and fit to your project’s exact needs. INCREDI-BOND can be troweled, sanded, and even painted. With INCREDI-BOND, we’ve fixed some of the issues with those other bonding agent products. INCREDI-BOND is 100% solvent-free and low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It doesn’t sag, smell, or drip.



If you need a redo for any reason, then you can clean it up with either methylethylketone or just WD-40.



Whenever you need a bonding agent proven to deliver incredible results, find INCREDI-BOND epoxy in hardware stores near you.