Our Vision, Your Success: A Unified Ecosystem of Building Solutions

At MiTek, “we build the building industry” isn’t just a slogan. It’s a statement of fact.


Our products have made the journey to 95 countries around the world, connecting component industry leaders to solutions that improve their workflows and solve everyday problems on the shop floor and the jobsite. Our construction software is a part of our customers’ everyday operations.


We wanted to bring our experience streamlining the component production process, to the building community. First, we know the challenges builders face are complex. Like you, we couldn’t do it alone. That’s why we brought together a family of companies underneath the MiTek umbrella to create a new way of doing things.


Our Promise


We promise you nothing less than a complete hardware and software ecosystem for the building industry.



Our hardware–truss plates, connectors, fasteners, Hardy Frames, and hangars–are the backbone of the industry. Furthermore, construction software touches every corner of a builder’s operations, estimating, and design processes.


Together these parts and pieces form one powerful, unified, comprehensive system–all designed to put peak performance, within your reach. Now isn’t that a vision you can believe in?